History Edit

Sutoren came from a less than middle class family due to Takigakure having to be rebuilt after the previous crisis and had to struggle to become a ninja in his transfer to other ninja academies before he was finally accepted and passed for his effort. After being in a Genin team he used his mission pay to help aid his home village to rebuild back to it's former glory even if it means his death.

Jutsu Known Edit

Ninjutsu Techniques:

  • Earth Release: Earth Spear
  • Earth Release: Mud Wall
  • Water Release: Burst
  • Water Release:Cutter

Bukijutsu Techniques:

  • Ninja Tools Ascent - By using his threads Sutoren sends his ninja tools with more diverse accuracy and throwing efficiency than one normally would with his extended range.
  • Extension Fist - By extending the length of his limbs he augments his taijutsu to hit in longer range

Kinjutsu Techniques:

  • [1]Earth Grudge Fear

Statistics Edit

Genjutsu Taijutsu Ninjutsu Medical Fuinjutsu Sensory Kenjutsu Chakra Control
Genin 0 36 19 4 0 0 0 10